Hi there! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Carol Willett (yes I know, I bet you don’t know many Carols in their 30's, do you?) – and I’ve been in the mum game for nearly 6 years. I’m the proud owner of two mostly delightful daughters, Darcy (6) and Livvie (3 - who we call Ken - long story) and a husband, Andy, and we live in Axminster, a few miles inland from the Devon & Dorset Jurassic coast. So that all sounds very twee but that ends here, I promise. Love them all to absolute pieces but in signing up to this blog you may hear of the odd breakdown in sanity by any one of us.

I decided to give this blog a go because I seem to have earned myself a reputation for being a font of knowledge for stuff to do and places to visit in our area. I think this is mainly down to my love of a good café and my need to get out of the house on a daily basis as there’s only so much playdoh I can handle without [losing my mind] breaking it up with some sort of adventure, even if that’s just to Tesco! (Don’t worry, I won’t feature Tesco on the blog. Although it is a solid choice for a morning activity. Even does free kids’ fruit and who doesn't love a bit of F&F Clothing?! And sometimes there’s a Costa! Maybe I should feature it...)

I often get asked for recommendations and ideas for places to take the children. (Well - sometimes I get asked, other times I can just be found offering unsolicited advice on things to do as I do most like waffling on about how much I like visiting Perry’s Cider Farm and other such places on a sunny day), so here I am putting them all in one place as and when we go out. I like to think I've scouted out some nice places to go with the kids (and occasionally without!)

I’m thinking of it as a resource to other local parents, and to visitors to the area looking for an honest guide to day-to-day things to do near Lyme Regis, Axminster, Charmouth, Bridport, Chard, Honiton, Crewkerne, Ilminster and beyond.

I do love a UK mini-break (staycation, if you prefer!) so when we do go away for a few days I'll look out for some great places and I’ll post them here too!

You’ll find that most of our adventures are done on a modest budget - I follow the mantra ‘make life easy for all of us’ and that usually means keeping our activities pretty simple. And on that note, I think I'm getting more people-phobic (antisocial??) as I get older so I tend to avoid the crowds where possible; my blog will take you to quieter places where I can entertain the children (/scroll through my phone) in relative peace!​ 

I like eating, so do the kids, in fact snacks are life, so I expect a lot of my posts will revolve around that as a key element.

And finally, I don’t have a posh phone, it’s a battered iPhone 5 with a peeling-off screen, so apologies that my photos won’t always be insta-worthy but thank you for joining me and I hope to pass on some nice ideas for things to do with the kids!



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